Good Posture

Why Good Posture Leaves Better First Impressions

The feeling imprinted upon us after meeting someone new is an experience that we’ve all shared. The concept of a first impression is universal, however experts have yet to provide a complete explanation of how it all works. Our understanding is limited because much of what influences our impressions is intangible. It is impossible to distinguish this quality with any of our 5 senses.

Nonetheless, we can all recall a moment where we’ve been left saying, “She/He had such great energy.” And it’s precisely a person’s energy that is so impactful. However so much as it is lacking in physically measurable presence, energy is keenly perceptible. Some are more sensitive than others, but we all possess an uncanny acuity to receive what others project energetically.

Energy in Context

The energy I am referring to is not the same energy that Albert Einstein described.  The nature of energy is not limited to what physicists study. There seems to be another force responsible for our individual energetic qualities. Let’s call it Life Force. Some cultures describe it as Qi orPrana.” We have yet to isolate this force so that we can give it dimension in some quantifiable manner, but intuitively we can all attest to its existence based simply on our personal experiences.

A basic example might be referring to someone as “uppity” or “down to earth.” Using the language of physics we can actualize these energetic qualities. To be considered as force, something must have both magnitude and direction. When someone around you is too uppity doesn’t it rub off on you?

Physically there is a transference of energy between two people. The extent of the transfer depends on the magnitude of “uppityness.” As for directionality, there is a reason why these terms have been formed linguistically using directions. Notice also that these terms are opposite in direction. One refers to an upward flow of energy and the other to downward flow. Newton’s 3rd law says that for every force there is a reaction force equal in magnitude and opposite indirection. And doesn’t polarity say that opposites attract? Maybe this is why we tend to attract our polar opposites in relationships.

Are we seeking balance?

Posture’s Effect on Energy

Good posture is essential to the smooth flow and full expression of energy. Poor posture, such as slouching in you desk chair, creates a blockage of energy in affected body parts. Over time, a systemic imbalance of energy results.

This translates to a disruption of our life force. Internally the health of our functional systems is compromised, affecting our ability to extend energy to the world. We can think of this as an electrically powered light; if there is something internally malfunctioning, the light may not radiate to its fullest capacity. It may be that it flickers, or dims, or goes out completely.

If an individual is energy deficient it will affect their ability to be their normal animatedly wonderful selves, and others will certainly pick up on it. For as many times as others have positively imprinted us upon, we also recall times where we have not been so impressed. We have all had those “eh” interactions.

Part 2: Improving Posture

Harlan Ewers - Richel D'Ambra Spa and Salon Massage Therapist
Harlan Ewers, LMT
Massage Therapist / 7 Years Experience

Harlan is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Sports Massage. Other certifications include: Lifeguard / CPR / AED for the Professional Rescuer, Sailing Instructor, Certified Pool Operation Technologist, and Wilderness First Responder. Harlan is currently pursuing a Degree in Kinesiology with the intention of achieving a Doctorate degree in Heath Sciences.





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