Our massage services amend challenges of the body such as tension, chronic pain, muscle aches, and limited range of mobility by evoking a peaceful restoration of each element and assisting the body to find its structural and spiritual balance.



A soothing light pressure massage designed to melt away tension and promote relaxation.
50 Minutes  $135  |  80 Minutes  $215  |  110 Minutes  $295

Deep Tissue

This traditional firm pressure massage revives stressed and fatigued muscles.
50 Minutes  $160  |  80 Minutes  $255  |  110 Minutes  $350

Sacred Stones

A therapeutic and rejuvenating full body massage using warm stones and a light-to-medium pressure to soothe tired, aching muscles and aid in relaxation.
80 Minutes  $255  |  110 Minutes  $350


Nurture and nourish the body and skin when you need it most with this gentle, restorative, and entirely tailored massage. Available after the first trimester.
50 Minutes  $145  |  80 Minutes  $225



Designed to alleviate tension and muscular stress, stretching techniques are used on specific areas of concern to help relieve common discomforts and sports-related tension.
80 Minutes  $255  |  110 Minutes  $350


This treatment focuses on isolated problem areas by utilizing specific techniques and modalities to reduce pain and stress caused by chronic issues.
30 Minutes  $95  |  50 Minutes  $160  |  80 Minutes  $255

Tibetan Bowls

The precious combination of Tibetan singing bowls, body butter, and aromatherapy oils blend with the power of human touch–rendering a unique experience to completely revitalize body, mind, and soul.
80 Minutes  $215

Couples Tibetan

Utilizing Tibetan singing bowls, this light pressure massage provides a romantic sense of harmony and togetherness. Priced for two.
50 Minutes  $320 | 80 Minutes $500 | 110 Minutes $680

Chakra Balancing

A sensory massage with guided meditation and complete chakra balancing.
80 Minutes  $215


A method of holistic healing using light touch to channel the life force energy Qi throughout the body. Ideal for relieving stress, achieving deep relaxation, resetting the chakras, and restoring balance on both a physical and an emotional level.
30 Minutes  $95 | 50 Minutes $135


Upgrade your experience with one or more of the following treatment enhancements listed below. Must be purchased with a massage service.

Add to any massage service to soothe a specific problem area.

A truly energizing and healing Ayurvedic foot massage using a metal Kansa wand to relieve stress, anxiety, and exhaustion.
25 Minutes  $75

A unique, targeted massage and energetic ritual using pure, authentic essential oils.
30 Minutes  $75

This technique is based on a system of points on the hands and feet that correspond to other areas of the body.
15 Minutes  $45  |  25 Minutes  $75

A deeply relaxing scalp massage to reduce stress and tension.
25 Minutes  $55

Add an exfoliating scrub to any massage to alleviate dry and tired skin.
Feet  $15  |  Fully Body  25 Minutes  $75