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Introducing Spacoustic™ at Richel D’Ambra Spa & Salon

Imagine a world infused with the sounds of harmony and healing.
A world that leaves the stress and tension of everyday life far behind.
A world of total relaxation, perfect balance, and physical and spiritual renewal.

This is the world of Spacoustic™.


Just as our spa treatments use the science of beauty to enhance outward vitality and appearance, Spacoustic audio therapies employ the science of sound, through the unique technology of Quantum Harmonics™ to promote inner health and well-being.

Richel D’Ambra Spa and Salon has partnered with Spacoustic™ to provide our guests with a new way to achieve enhanced wellness and promote healing. The following programs are now available at our spa and salon, with CDs available for purchase for use at home. Please ask a Richel D’Ambra representative about Spacoustic™ audio therapy during your next visit!


Available Programs:

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chill™ by Spacoustic

meditate™ by Spacoustic

nocturne™ by Spacoustic

reMind™ by Spacoustic

inner balance™ by Spacoustic

tobacco cessation™ by Spacoustic


More about Quantum Harmonics™
The power of Spacoustic™ comes from specific sound frequencies that are combined with music to create synchronization between the left
and right hemispheres of the brain. The result is a quieting of the mind, or meditation, which washes away negative thoughts and mitigates stress. Research has proven Spacoustic’s effectiveness in helping individuals achieve deep levels of relaxation.





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