Relieving Stress at Work

Do you have a desk job? Working at a desk all day can tighten your muscles leading to everything from headaches to back pain. Treat yourself to a 5 minute break and try the Swan Dive, a chest and shoulder stretch that helps relieve the strain of hunching over a desk all day. This easy move will also work to strengthen the abdominal muscles, which are crucial for proper spinal support.

To do the Swan Dive, sit straight in your chair, lengthen your arms in front of you and press hands gently on to the desk top. (Move your chair closer or further away to make sure arms are straight and feet are flat on the floor.) Inhale and lengthen up through spine, then gently press down through your hands as you arch the top of the head and neck backwards, feeling the spine deepening between the shoulder blades. Exhale and hold the position for a moment, keeping the abdominals strongly engaged up the front of the trunk. Inhale and start to lengthen the spine up between the shoulder blades, bringing the neck and head upright last. Repeat 5 times, then gently round the spine forward when you are done, keeping arms gently placed on the desk.

Taking little mini breaks throughout the day is a perfect time to revive your skin as well as stretch out any kinks in your muscles.

We recommend stocking a desk drawer with a tub of Pure Fiji Body Butter in your favorite infusion and a refreshing Pure Fiji Body Mist. After stretching out muscles using the Swan-Dive technique, lightly spritz your face with the Body Mist to rehydrate skin dried out by office air conditioning and treat hands to a quick massage with a small amount of Body Butter.

Above post courtesy of Pure Fiji.

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